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Bigger Buds & Bigger Yield: Highly potent late-flowering PK additive, maximises plant performance pushing it to it's full potential.


Biogreen X-Blast is a highly potent late-flowering PK additive, created to maximize your plant’s performance during the final flowering phase and designed to push the plant to its full potential.


During the critical late flowering stages X-Blast provides all the building blocks that are essential for the production of big, high quality, terpene enriched, dense fruits.


With added iron and copper to aid photosynthesis, boron to help the development of fruit and seaweed to stimulate plant growth.


Biogreen X-Blast

    •  Stimulates the development of bigger fruits
    •  Improves the natural aroma of fruits and flowers
    • Stimulates increased sugar production
    • Increases flavour and improves overall fruit quality
    • Carefully selected humates to provide strength and resist plant deficiencies
    • Contains natural algae that significantly increase the resistance to stress
    • Organic compounds that provide an increase in resistance to diseases
    • A versatile additive which works well in any medium
    • Highly concentrated
    • No PGRs, made from 100% pure raw materials
    • Perfectly suited for drip systems.
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