UPRtek PAR200

The ideal tool for measurements of light which stimulates plant growth is our PAR200 Quantum Spectrometer which works in the PAR spectra and expresses PPFD values in μmol/m2/s and PPF in μmol/s. The PAR200 is enriched with a high resolution and extended spectral range. To be able to analyze, compare and report all the data straight from your smartphone or uSpectrum laboratory grade PC software.



  • - Compact design that fits in your pocket;
    - Convenient smartphone app;
    - Integrated display;
    - Integrated flicker measurement;
    - Stores data in SD card;
    - Stores data on smartphone.

  • - Measures PPFD:
    - Measures PAR (spectrum):
    - Takes measurements in seconds:
    - Save and export taken measurements.