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Full Spectrum at low cost

Photon LED Board guarantees exceptional performance at low cost. With an output of 2.7 μmol, it's the most efficient in the market delivering consistent high-end results! It covers full spectrum with white and red diodes to boost flower and veg - FullPhotoSpec 2.0™ technology. The board includes Samsung and Cree horticultural graded LED diodes, granting the best long lasting quality - up to 50.000 hours of continuous use.


Thin and cool

Photon LED Boards sleek design is ideal for optimal space use. The body is produced with space graded aluminium for maximised heat dissipation and durability. Since it's composed of LED diodes, the heat generation is minimal, making it easier to control the grow room environment. All the connectors are IP68 graded and the whole unit is IP65 graded, making it totally waterproof.


Easy to install and adjust

It's easily adjustable to suit any space and crop type by using the dimmer and the adjustable hangers. All the accessories are included in the package, for easy/quick installment and personalization. Head to the Manual tab for full assembling and care instructions.


Photon LED Board marks the future of the grow light generation, get yours today!


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