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JunglePot Air are premium robust fabric pots that can be reused.

The insulated material allows the roots to keep protected from the cold, but cool during the summer months. Water and air can pass through, allowing the root system to breathe and take up oxygen efficiently - this prevents root circling.

It's suitable for all types of plants and it can be used as a regular pot or with drip systems.

JunglePot Air

  • You can ask for any GreenMakers products in your local horticulture shop, we ship free of charge and guarantee next day delivery on orders placed before 2pm!

    • Available from 3.8L to 56L
    • Washable, durable and reusable
    • Encourages plant growth
    • Allows root oxygenation
    • Prevents root circling
    • Insulated material
    • Works with drip systems
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