Hydro A&B

Hydro A is a high quality fertilizer that must be used in combination with Hydro B. Hydro A and B together contain all the nutrients necessary for early growth and flowering in any medium.



  • - Visibly improves the optimum condition of the
    - Sufficient potassium to achieve great growth.
    - Enough phosphorus to obtain a continued growth of the roots.
    - Enough magnesium for optimal synthesis of chlorophyll and protein.
    - It has been adapted for an optimum flowering explosion.
    - Contains only the purest raw materials.
    - No expiration date.

  • - When 2 mixing tanks are used, mix Hydro A in tank A, when using 1 mixing tank, mix Hydro A and Hydro B together in sufficient water. Do not leave the water prepared. Preferably use water at room temperature. Water every day as needed. Be careful not to overdose.