Clima Control Plus 14Amp

Effectively control your indoor climate with TechGrow’s Clima Control Plus – both day and night. This Plus version offers all the functions the Clima Control offers, augmented with seperate day- and night temperature
settings, extra functionality for controlling a heater and an overtemperature contact.



  • The Clima Control is a digitally controlled climate controller, with the possibility to connect 2 fans. From the digital display you can read all current values at a glance.

    Depending on the connected sensor(s), the Clima Control can measure the actual values and register the minimum/maximum values of CO2, temperature and air humidity. Thanks to modern software, the Clima Control can also control the temperature and relative humidity level in your room in a very accurate way.

    The simple menu makes the controller very easy to operate. Day and night values are separately adjustable. On top of that, you can set a time delay for switching between day and night mode. The unique calibration function for the fan allows you to perfectly adjust each box, which can operate in a manual or automatic mode. The handy “temp offset” function enables to align the temperature sensor with other measuring equipment, for optimal results.

    The Clima Control is available in 2 versions: 7A and 14A. This controller comes without a sensor; various compatible sensors are available separately.

  • - The Clima Control can measure and display current values from connected CO2, humidity and temperature sensors, register the minimum/maximum values and control the value (Temp & RH).

    - Day and night temperature can be set separately.

    - Humidity value can be set separately for day and night.

    - Time delay for switching between day and night mode.

    - Indication LEDs for light detection and stable climate.

    - All settings are saved in the event of a power failure.

    - Displays the minimum/maximum values of connected sensors (CO2, temperature and air humidity).

    - The display is refreshed every second.

    - The fan can be operated automatically or manually.

    - Fan control is adjustable in steps of 2%.

    - Smart setting option to set the fan in 2 simple steps.

    - Unique menu for adjusting each box, regardless of the format.

    - Automatically switches off the backlight after 60 seconds.

    - Automatic detection of cable failure or poor contact with the connected sensors.

    - 3 UTP-ports.

    - Available in 7A and 14A version.

    - Possibility to connect to various TechGrow devices.

    - Comes without sensor; various sensors are available separately.

    - Possibility to connect to the TechGrow Datalogger (DL-1)