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Calcium & Magnesium: Eliminates Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies, super concentrated formula including Nitrogen and essential minerals.


Calgel is a high quality fully soluble additive containing a high dose of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium to enhance the quality of your water and are essential to stimulate plant growth from early vegging right through to the flush.


Carefully formulated it contains two of the three essential secondary macronutrients plants need to develop and stay healthy.

Biogreen Calgel

    • Eliminates calcium and magnesium deficiencies
    • Sufficient nitrogen for growth and biomass production
    • Contains two of three essential secondary macronutrients
    • High dose of calcium for strong cell walls and explosive root development
    • Sufficient magnesium for optimal chlorophyll and protein synthesis
    • Can be used alongside any base nutrient
    • Highly concentrated
    • No PGRs, made from 100% pure raw materials
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